You Don’t Know ‘Til You go

One of the first times that I ever jumped into the surf years ago, having zero formal instruction other than a dear friend who shared the surf etiquette with me and showed me how to pop-up, (yes, visualize that fun “surfboard burpee” that was happening on the sand for a good 10 minutes until she gave me the go-ahead) I learned one of my favorite life lessons: “You Don’t Know ‘Til You Go“. It totally spoke to me. Surf etiquette is most importantly based around safety, knowing where other surfers are, which way the break is moving, how packed the line-up is, and generally being aware of your own body and board as well as everybody else’s body and board around you. Why am I babbling about this? Because she finished my quickie lesson with, just remember, “You Don’t Know ‘Til You Go“. You may paddle out and have the most epic ride and experience of your life. You may paddle and completely miss the wave you’ve intended (and either catch the next one or get pounded by the set that follows). You may paddle out and just hang in the lineup, watching and learning. But until you take the time and embrace the chance, you’ll never know what that epic ride will feel like. So, here we go with the epic ride.

It is my passion and pleasure to teach, coach, and inspire people on how to move better, get stronger, feel excited about being active, and relish in clean living. On the same accord, I love the color hot pink, blue mascara, ALL of my Kettlebells, and pretty much any water sport I have the chance to experience. So, it is with this, that I take the plunge into the world of my blog with the intention to educate, inspire, and share what has helped me to build a career and life that I call fortunate chaos.

Ready for the adventure?

Wake Up & Be Awesome-