It's a matter of redefining what is possible


Living life as the healthiest, happiest version of yourself is not a matter of doing the impossible. It’s a matter of redefining what is possible. It’s about finding the physical and psychological challenges that get you up, out, and engaged in your life

As an instructor, it is my privilege to guide and inspire my students to find their own adventures and to share with them the tools that will help them succeed.  We are clear in our destination and flexible with how we get there.  Through movement education, habit development, and our intentional community support, we work together to move better, feel better, and live better.

Be Your Own Adventure!

It’s a way of life

-Analisa Naldi
Inspiring People to Be Their Best



Getting Started

Whether you want to train for an event, increase your energy, improve your body composition, or simply feel better during your day, Analisa will provide you with the tools and inspiration to get there.

Maybe you already know or maybe you need some help finding what motivates you. Together, you and Analisa will create a customized program based on your individual fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle needs–so you can discover your inner drive, strength, and the ability to thrive in your life.

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