It is the only body I will ever have. Thank you for helping me appreciate it just as it is!

Laura M
Graphic Designer/Artist, Mama
Didn’t realize she was an athlete until she was an adult

I have been working out with Analisa for about 7 years. She is the first person who ever took me seriously when I told her my real fitness goal, “you know those people who get out of bed and WANT to go exercise? I want to be one of them!” She understood that for me the mental part of exercise is a MUCH bigger challenge than the physical. She keeps me going when I don’t want to. She celebrates my victories even though they are not running marathons or competing at the Olympic Games.

Oh and since everyone always asks if I’ve met my goal yet…”no but I’m getting there! Now I have many days where I want to get out and do something physical…and that is huge for me!” Thank you Analisa! For all the sweat and time and energy…and for being the one person in my life who really has helped me see my body as the vehicle that takes me on amazing adventures and not just seeing how slow I am and how many flaws my body has. It is the only body I will ever have. Thank you for helping me appreciate it just as it is!

You push people to tune into their personal motivators…people really respond.

Mike V
Executive Recruiter, ex-football/lifetime athlete

1) Very much in tune with emotional/spiritual and mental contributing variables…you are aware of where the person is at.

2) Variety is key and you mix up the work outs based on goals and progress

3) You are fun, pleasant and great to hang out with…don’t underestimate this….

Lastly…push people to excel and tune into their internal motivators… you do that….people really respond.

Jon T
Super successful and busy real estate developer

Analisa’s knowledge of how to train, how to live a sustainable a healthy lifestyle along with her high level professionalism has helped me not only to become more fit, but has dramatically improved my diet and sleep. Her experience and focus have resulted in bringing a healthier way of living for me that was beyond my expectations. Analisa has customized my workouts, diet and sleep regiment so that they complement rather than conflict with my busy schedule and it has resulted in a more balanced life for me. By being extremely focused and dedicated she efficiently designed a thoughtful regiment for me based on my body type, my personal challenges and goals that I can fit into my daily life without complications. Furthermore, because of Analisa’s intoxicating personality the training sessions are upbeat, fun and something I look forward to. She offers her undivided attention both in the sessions and with regular checkups regarding my diet, sleep and overall well-being. With Analisa I have much more than a trainer. I have a better way of life.

Sean M
Athlete/Sales Executive

I’ve been working with Analisa for about a year now. I have never worked with someone who had better attitude or mental aptitude. Although the workouts are challenging, I know my safety, and best interests are always being taken into consideration. Analisa is a gem.

Tony C
Active Bar Owner/Father/Recreational Athlete

I’ve always struggled with my fitness goals before I started working with Analisa. She guided me through the obnoxious amount of health/nutrition/fitness information available to settle on a plan that fits my body type and work life. I now feel better than I ever have with a clear game plan to increase my fitness level. I can’t recommend her enough.

Pete B
Executive, active father, recreational athlete

You seem to have the right balance of focus and humor in your workout interaction. You have a way of making people know that you are really loyal to them and don’t see them as a billable hour each week.

You challenge her to do better and celebrate her successes as much as you let her know when she wasn’t quite up to pat.

Amanda Gamble – 10 years old
Soccer, Swimmer, SuperStar Artist and Animal Lover
Written with love by her parents Kristine and Jason

When researching trainers, on paper you seemed like the perfect fit for Mandy with your areas of expertise and advanced study. When Mandy met you it was an instant connection and a perfect fit.

You have paced her workouts so she continually improves without “punishing” her developing muscles, joints. You educate her on why you do certain exercises and help her learn about her body and functional movement. You remain “in tune with her” and know when to not push and pull it back and just spend the day mobilizing. You train her with such care we have no worries when she is with you and no worries about the fitness path you put her on. You are a role model outside of her family of what strong and beautiful looks like and that it’s ok to be a strong chick….’cause they rule. You challenge her to do better and celebrate her successes as much as you let her know when she wasn’t quite up to pat. You have provided her an environment to reinforce our family message of hard work will always pay off. We feel blessed to have found you and are so thankful for all the improvements you have helped her gain.

Much gratitude,

Kristine (and Jason)